Russian folk dances

Russian folk dance was and still is a important part of their culture. Traditional Russian folk dance finds its origins in various sources. These include: Slavic and Tatar origins. Some of the first Russian folk music and dance appeared around the 10th century when the Slavic tribes moved into Russia. The following centuries saw the entry of other peoples and cultures into the region, whose cultures were incorporated into the general Russian culture. A cultural mix of the music and dance these cultures brought with them contributed to the development of Russian folk dances.

Costumes were beautifully designed with great detail. Typically, the clothing for the dances was based on specific events, such as holidays, and would vary between these events. For women, they would wear a holiday headdress, an embroidered shirt, a belt, and an ornamented apron. Men would wear shirts, a belt, narrow pants, and high boots. The color red was incorporated in many of the dance costumes because the color is associated with beauty in the Russian tradition.

The Russian dance, firstly, distinguishes the expression, rhythm and dynamical motion: jump, deft and acrobatic motions.

Secondly and other: expressed sensuality, grace, in feminine dances particularly.
The Russian dance this as extraordinary and wide soul of russian person.

Russian quadrille - amorous dance

Kazak's (cossacks) dance

Russian folk dance traditions continue to play an important influence in various sectors of Russian culture. These include in the areas of music and dance. One example can be seen in the Ballet Russe, which invoked Russian folk dances and music into its pieces.

Opera and Ballet Theatre of Bashkortostan - Ufa city

The Special Offer!!! New Year in Russian traditions!

Musicians with russian folk instruments - balalaikes, garmoshka, bayan

Russian folk dance "Kalinka" - 'viburnum (kalinka) - raspberry (malinka)'

Russian Folk Dance "Beryozka" - 'the birch'

Russian traditional folk dance by "Siberianochka"

Cossack (kazak) dances

Cossack (kazak) dances